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polar bears

Born a wildlife artist, polar bears took centre stage for Kal after she painted a large polar bear portrait then found herself on a trip, as a 'polar bear artist', to Churchill as part of a documentary series with Animal Planet/Discovery.

Seeing polar bears, and Northern Manitoba, changed the trajectory of her life and, most surprisingly to Kal, began her journey as a polar bear artist.

In 2014, Kal was invited to present a TEDx talk about how polar bears saved her life. In 2015, they would save her once again as she presented her never-seen-before collection of polar bear paintings in a large, sold out exhibit titled POLAR BEAR. In 2017 she exhibited her second massive polar bear show while coordinating and curating an International mural festival in Churchill, Manitoba; SEAWALLS CHURCHILL (which would see her paint her largest polar bear to date) as well as contributing to her community with an eclectic neighbour-led initiative affectionately nicknamed BACK ALLEY ARCTIC. In 2018, Kal's created a light-hearted polar bear-themed installation at the ICE CASTLES and has her preparing for a winter 2018/2019.

Portrayed in a diverse range of styles, Kal's passion for polar bears is palpable and infectious. Her collection is extensive and her understanding of polar bears in sentient and delicate - notably earning her the official title of polar bear artist.

polar bear artist

artist who chooses to paint primarily polar bears

in an effort to share

the beauty of the world's largest land predator.

In 2016, Kal started the POLAR BEAR FUND. This fund, hosted by The Winnipeg Foundation, raises money for innovative, non-invasive conservation efforts at a community level. Find out more here.

For information about available paintings, prints or upcoming shows - please use the contact form.

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