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photo by REID OV

artist | activist

KAL BARTESKI is a Canadian artist. Passionate about polar bears, positive words, sea ice and environmental health; she is an advocate for the wild. She is an promoter of community and collaboration. She paints polar bears like her life depends on it. She uses brush lettering and ink drips to celebrate imperfection. She created the POLAR BEAR FUND to support innovative polar bear conservation. She coordinated the international mural festival: SeaWalls CHURCHILL


Kal is a philanthropist, artist, activist, TEDx speaker, tactical urbanist, published author + winner of a Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She loves winter. She likes her coffee black and her projects meaningful.

'I have been creating my whole life. It is all I know how to do... I am wildly passionate about contributing to the world in a way that makes it better - with paint or with words  - paint, ink, lines, ideas, streets, ice, conversations, kindness.'   - kal barteski

Exciting news!

The SeaWalls CHURCHILL mural festival was the focus of a full-length documentary film created by Handcraft. The film followed the SeaWalls CHURCHILL team as they planned and organized the event that took place in Churchill, Manitoba. The documentary was recently released (trailer below) to a sold out crowd at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


It can currently be viewed on BellMTS and will be available on CBC Manitoba in September 2018. For more details click here.

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